Landscaper Average Job Salary by Field and Title

Landscaper Average Job Salary by Field. As a Landscape Professional, you may wonder how much money will be coming in for the work that you do. You might think about salary and hourly wages but there are other ways to get compensated as well.

One of the most common misconceptions about landscaping is that you can't make a living wage. Fortunately for millions of men and women working in this industry, it's incorrect! Sure, entry-level workers without any experience or education only earn minimum wages but if they get to prove their worth with excellent performance early on then they'll be rewarded with more responsibility and better paychecks as well.

Irrigation Technician Salary

Avg. salary: $32,166

An irrigation technician is tasked with installing, testing, and maintaining the equipment that keeps our lawns green. They have to know all about sprinklers, pumps, valves, and other necessary devices so these tools will work as they should when we need them most.

As an irrigation technician, it's your job to help people with their gardening. You'll need a lot of open space and patience for this role! Typical duties include operating heavy machinery like tractors or backhoes that can be used to dig trenches so plants have enough soil around them; installing wiring systems in the ground called "Irrigation Timers" which allow you set specific water flow rates at different times during the day throughout each season: winter (rainy), spring/summer (dryer); inspecting equipment before work begins on any given day, ensuring everything is working properly.

As an Irrigation Technician in companies like Austin Landscaping , one typical duty includes using heavy machineries like bulldozers or small excavators

You are also expected to dig trenches and install lines and pipes and troubleshoot and replace faulty parts.


Groundskeeping Maintenance Salary

Avg. salary: $32,319

A Groundskeeper maintenance worker has to do all sorts of things from landscaping and outdoor work like cutting grass, bushes trimming trees, etc., but also indoor jobs such as fixing plumbing problems in school bathrooms for example.

These professionals are ready to replace your old and broken pipes, gaskets, washers, faucets or flush out that clogged drain. They can even cut the glass for your window replacement if needed!

They maintain turf places, including weed control and Integrated Pest Management.

A Groundskeeping Maintenance Worker must have the skills to operate hand equipment and power tools, identify minor roof leaks, and repair them.


Grounds Maintenance Worker Salary

Avg. salary: $28,500

A grounds maintenance worker is a person who makes sure that the outdoors, whether it be an urban park or your front lawn looks great. This can include planting flowers and trees to make things more aesthetically pleasing as well as weeding out unwanted plants.

Lawn care workers help keep public and commercial spaces looking their best. They mow, fertilize, edge lawns to make them look fresh and healthy; also remove dead trees from these areas; maintain indoor plants in hotels, botanical gardens or malls with watering/pruning tasks

Lawn care is a profession that provides services such as landscaping around buildings like schools or hospitals for example. These professionals often work on weekends when the grounds are most susceptible to damage due to inclement weather conditions (such as rain) - it's called "yardwork" by some people!


Ground Worker Salary

Avg. salary: $27,726

Groundworkers are the not-so-glamorous crew that makes sure a construction site is ready for building. They remove the sewage, redirect water flows using pumps, reinforce foundations with cement and curbstones to prevent flooding - all before you even lay down your foundation!

Groundworkers are essential for the upkeep of any building. They must be able to confidently assess and make decisions on their work, whether it is in the city or rural areas. Groundworkers have a high level of responsibility when completing tasks because they may not know what's safe without certainty from a trusted advisor like an architect or engineer who has more experience with structures than them individually!

Keeper Salary

Avg. salary: $29,231

As a storekeeper, you will be responsible for managing all operations and overseeing the care of stocks. Your duties include receiving supplies from shipments; inspecting deliveries to ensure quality standards are met before shelving them; ensuring that inventory is up-to-date at all times through record keeping, and more!

You will be responsible for inventory control and coordinating freight handling, as well as planning campaigns to promote new products. You are also in charge of mediating any conflicts between clients and staff, maintaining a sales record, buying the latest items on behalf of your company-- all while juggling various other responsibilities!


Related Job Salaries

Job Title                                                        Avg. Salary

Gardener Salary                                                    $47,657

Landscape Crew Leader Salary                             $34,990

Landscape Foreman Salary                                   $32,570

Landscaping Austin (or other) technician Salary  $57,000

Groundskeeping Maintenance Salary                   $32,320

Irrigation Technician Salary                                   $32,167

Lawn Care Specialist Salary                                   $30,802

Lawn Technician Salary                                         $30,112

Lawn Care Technician Salary                                 $29,790

Yard Worker Salary                                                $29,640

Groundsman Salary                                               $29,581

Keeper Salary                                                        $29,232

Grounds Maintenance Worker Salary                   $28,500

Lawn Care Worker Salary                                      $28,108

Ground Worker Salary                                          $27,726

Grounds Person Salary                                          $27,240

Lawn Maintenance Worker Salary                         $27,058

Grounds Keeper Salary                                          $26,934

Ground Crew Salary                                               $26,842

Landscape Labour Salary                                      $25,976

Landscape Technician Salary                                 $23,305

Landscape Architect Salary                                    $68,300

Landscape Designer Salary                                    $56.800

Tree trimming Austin and other Salary                  $44,200

Tree climber Salary                                                $51,000

Arborist Salary                                                       $77,700


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